Glider_it was born from the merger of two companies with a long history and experience in the model aircraft field: XMODELS and Voloinpendio.

Nevertheless, we never stopped: thanks to the recent launches, for example the Vettore in 2018 or the ASW15 during the last year but also thinking about the Stingray and Gracalis EVO, our Company is able today to offer its customers a range of full composite models that starts from pure aerobatics, such as the Swift or the Stingray, to arrive till the so-called allrounder, models capable of flying also with poor weather conditions guaranteeing an absolute fun to fly.

On 2020, in addition to the new Jeemo, the first and the only one glider with a dedicated and integrated turbine inside the model, we have launched also the Wahlalla in collaboration with Leomotion, our partner in Switzerland.



As general rule, every Glider_it model is delivered with the following configuration (please note that all composite parts are painted directly in the mold):

– Fuselage (fiberglass plus kevlar or carbon)
– Wings (fiberglass and carbon, see below layout (link)
Wing joiner (steel or carbon)
Tailplane (fiberglass plus carbon reinforcements)
Rudder (fiberglass plus carbon reinforcements)
Pvc canopy
Cockpit (fiberglass)



As per the product layout, we have in our catalogue the following two different product line:

White line: the model is white painted both above and below
Basic line: the model is painted in two different standard colors: yellow, black, blue, red, green, white, orange
Custom line: the model is painted following your suggestions. Please, at the time of your order, send us your favorite color scheme



Thanks to the flexibility of our production facility and a fully integrated process combining together customization requests and supply chain, we are able to offer a different building layout, catching the expectations of the majority of model aircraft enthusiasts.

Overall dynamic layout (OD):
– Fuselage: fiberglass plus single fiberglass or kevlar layer plus carbon
Wings: fiberglass with carbon spar and carbon reinforcements

Power Dynamics layout (PD):
– Fuselage: fiberglass plus single fiberglass or kevlar layer plus carbon
– Wings: fiberglass with carbon spar and double carbon layer (this specific layout is not  available on all our gliders)

Fast Slope layout (FS):
– Fuselage: fiberglass plus double fiberglass or kevlar layer plus carbon

– Wings: fiberglass with carbon spar and single carbon layer



Thanks to the continuous improvement of our production procedures, our connections with the aeronautic industry and investments in leading-edge technologies, starting from July 2019, we were able to develop a new lamination process capable to reduce by 15% the model weight without compromising performance and robustness but thus, improving handling and fun to fly. The so called EXTRALIGHT TECHNOLOGY can be applied on all our layouts.



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Glider_it Team